Project Number Project title Principal investigator
P01 Investigation of the compositional, positional and functional heterogeneity of MICOS clusters in single mammalian cells Stefan Jakobs
P03 Maintenance and functional coupling of ER contacts with the plasma membrane Stephan Lehnart
P04 The GET receptor as an entry gate to the ER and its interplay with GET bodies

Katherine Bohnsack,

Blanche Schwappach

P06 Relationship between organellar contact sites and autophagy in S. cerevisiae Michael Thumm
P07 Dynamics of proteins of the inner nuclear membrane Ralph Kehlenbach
P08/P14 Transport of large cargoes such as ribosomal subunits through the permeability barrier of nuclear pores Dirk Görlich,
Markus Bohnsack
P09 Protein partitioning in the synaptic compartment: principles and molecular architecture Silvio Rizzoli
P11 Mapping the proteome and functions of unexplored contact sites Maya Schuldiner
P13 Protein transport along the mitochondria carrier pathway Peter Rehling
P15 Mechanisms of substrate selection in ER associated protein degradation Alexander Stein
P16 Co-translational protein insertion into the bacterial membrane Marina Rodnina
P17 Exploring the role of mitochondrial contact sites on calcium and redox signaling in cancer Ivan Bogeski
P19 N Mechanism of initiating autophagosome biogenesis on ER membrane Alex Faesen
P21 N Functional role of the LDO machinery in lipid droplet-organelle contacts Maria Bohnert
P22 N Structural determinants of ER plasma membrane contact site function Rubén Fernández-Busnadiego
P23 N Structural basis of protein transport across the outer membrane of human mitochondria Hauke Hillen
Z02 Mass spectrometry-based proteomics Henning Urlaub
Z01 Central Task of the collaborative research center Peter Rehling