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February 20th 2024 Professor Dr. Yasuyoshi Sakai: ESCRTs and ATGs drive multiple modes of Microautophagy Download
PDF file
September 26th 2023 Yasmin Tang: Delineating mitochondrial pathology using a genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 activation screen Download
PDF file
June 30th 2023 Professor Dr. David Komander: The activation mechanisms of PINK1 and Parkin during mitophagy Download
PDF file
June 16th 2023 Professor Dr. Judith Frydman: Molecular Origami: protein folding and misfolding in health and disease Download
PDF file
June 9th 2023 Irene Serrano: Publishing at Nature Communications: an editor’s perspective Download
PDF file
April 20th 2023 Dr. Lukas Cyganek: Human iPSCs for disease modeling:
Reprogramming, CRISPR genome editing, culture and differentiation
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March 14th 2023 Professor Dr. Thomas Becker: Coupling of mitochondrial protein translocases Download
PDF file
March 14th 2023 Dr. Laura Kremer: Maintenance of mitochondrial DNA between generations Download
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Date Description PDF 
December 28th 2022 Bernhard Kuhle: Mutational erosion and the rewiring of intermolecular specificity rules in human
mitochondrial tRNA recognition
PDF file
December 8th 2022 Professor Dr. Robert Tampé: Catch me if you can – Illuminating transport and chaperone
complexes in adaptive immunity and viral immune evasion
PDF file
November 10th 2022 John Conor Moran, Armi Kamran Brivanlou: The human mitochondrial mRNA
structurome reveals mechanisms of gene expression
PDF file
July 14th 2022 Dr. Orly Laufman: Enteroviruses hijack lipid droplets
to build their replication compartments
PDF file
May 10th 2022 Prof. Rehling, Prof. Chacinska and Prof. Moser: Bridging the scales of molecular machines – from structure to function Download
PDF file
May 6th 2022 Prof. Anna Pyle, Ph.D.: The structure of an ancient group II Intron-reverse
transcriptase holoenzyme
PDF file
December 8th 2021 Tim Friedrich König: MIROs and DRP1 drive mitochondrial-derived vesicle biogenesis and promote mitochondrial quality control Download PDF file
December 1th 2021 Antonella De Matteis, MD: ER-Golgi contact sites Download PDF file
September 30th 2021 Prof. Gia Voeltz: Factors and Functions of ER contact sites
with other organelles
Download PDF file
June 28th 2021 Prof. Dr. Thomas Becker: Control mechanisms of protein import into
Download PDF file
May 17th 2021 Prof. Dr. Ramanujan S. Hegde: Quality control of orphaned proteins Download PDF file
April 29th 2021 Prof. Dr. Robert Tampé: Stress responses across cellular compartments Download PDF file
March 17th 2020 Christian Münch, Ph.D.: Catch me if you can – Illuminating transport and chaperone complexes in adaptive immunity and viral immune evasion Download PDF file
February 27th 2020 PD Dr. Tanja Maritzen: Endocytic proteins as safeguards of neurotransmission Download PDF file
October until December 2019 Planned seminars in autumn 2019 Download PDF file
December 12th 2019 Dr. Dorothee Dormann: Multiple roles of nuclear import receptors in protein aggregation diseases Download PDF file
December 5th 2019 Dr. Ute Kothe: Functional link between RNA Modification and RNA Folding Download PDF file
November 29th 2019

Prof. Dr. Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers and Prof. Dr. Robert Lightowlers: Mitochondrial gene expression: from the organelle to the patient

Download PDF file
November 21th 2019

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Pfanner: Mitochondrial machineries for import and assembly of proteins

Prof. Dr. Agnieszka Chacinska: Mitochondria and cellular protein homeostasis

Download PDF file
November 14th 2019 Prof. Dr. Alwin Köhler: Lipid functionality of the nuclear envelope Download PDF file
October 24th 2019

Prof. Dr. Stephen High: Membrane protein biogenesis: the unusual suspects

Dr. Sebastian Schuck: Biogenesis and Autophagy of the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Download PDF file
October 17th 2019 Prof. Dr. Rui Moreira: Targeting Serine Hydrolases With Novel Activity-Based Probes Download PDF file
June 4th 2019 Prof. Dr. Mark Gorrell: The DPP4 related enzyme FAP-alpha: Substrates and roles in fatty liver and liver fibrosis Download PDF file
May 28th 2019 Prof. Dr. Julio Montoya: Portrait of a mitochondrial genome Download PDF file
May 23th 2019 Dr. Robin Klemm: Functional organelle coupling promotes de novo lipogenesis in adipocytes Download PDF file
May 16th 2019 Prof. Dr. Anne Spang: Signalling and Intrazellular Compartmentalization Download PDF file
May 2nd 2019

SFB 1190 Minisymposium

Organelle Zones Meet Compartmental Gates and Contact Sites

Download PDF file
March 22nd 2019 Prof. Dr. Nektarios Tavernarakis: Regulation and Roles of Autophagy in the Brain Download PDF file
Februar 21st 2019 Dr. Fan Liu: Structural interactomics of the mitochondria and neuronal synapses by cross-linking mass spectrometry Download PDF file
Februar 14th 2019 Professor Dr. Nica Borgese: VAPB depletion alters neuritogenesis and phosphoinositide balance in motoneuron-like cells: Relevance to VAPB-linked amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Download PDF file
Januar 24th 2019 Professor Dr. Bernd Schröder: SPPL intramembrane proteases – at the crossroads of signal transduction and membrane protein homeostasis Download PDF file
November 29th 2018 Prof. Dr. David Stephens: Trafficking of procollagen to and through the Golgi: implications for proteolytic processing Download PDF file
November 21th 2018 Dr. Harald Wodrich: Antiviral autophagy upon adenovirus cell entry is mediated by galectin-8 and TBK-1 Download PDF file
November 1st 2018 Francesca Bottanelli, PhD: Zooming into Golgi biology with super-resolution imaging Download PDF file
August 31st 2018 Cristina Arrigoni, PhD: Searching for a thermosensor: unfolding transition controls temperature dependent activation in a voltage-gated channel Download PDF file
July 13th 2018 Tamas Balla, M.D., Ph.D.: Using PI4P gradients for lipid transport at membrane contact sites Download PDF file
June 17th – 19th Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine,
Hermann-Rein-Str. 3, D-Göttingen
Download PDF file
May 22nd 2018 Prof. Dr. Beate Sodeik: The importins of herpes simplex virus infection Download PDF file
March 14th 2018 Dr. Taras Nazarko: Selective autophagy of lipid droplets in aged yeast cells Download PDF file
January 23rd 2018 Dr. Maria Bohnert: Same-same, but different – Molecular determinants of lipid droplet diversity Download PDF file
December 6th 2017 Prof. Dr. Volker Dötsch: Mechanisms of p63-based genetic quality control in oocytes Download PDF file
November 9th 2017 Prof. Dr. Maya Schuldiner: Systematic cell biology of organelles – new whole genome libraries uncover multiple aspects of cellular organization Download PDF file